Draft EPA Guidance on requests for alterations to a Dumping at Sea Permit

Summary: This guidance document aims to assist Dumping at Sea permit holders in managing proposed alterations to Dumping at Sea permits.

Published: 2017


Pages: 7

Filesize: 562KB

Format: pdf

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The EPA welcomes input from all stakeholders.  Those wishing to comment are encouraged to do so by emailing your comments to licensing@epa.ie.

The closing date for comments is 5pm, 28th April 2017.

This guidance document aims to bring about efficiencies in processing requests for alterations to permits for dumping at sea.  It also seeks to ensure transparency with regard to the legal requirements under-pinning decision making, and in doing so enable permit holders to engage with the EPA in a timely and efficient manner.

Currently there are three mechanisms available for regularising an alteration request as follows:

(i)   a letter of agreement,

(ii)  an amendment, or

(iii) a new permit application.

Further information in relation to the Dumping at Sea permitting process can be found here.