Year Title
2019 Research 290: Environmental Policy Integration: Innovation and Change
Authors: Brendan Flynn and Pádraic Ó hUiginn
2019 Research 283: Beyond Neoliberalism; Values and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour.
Authors: Dr Vivienne Byers and Dr Alan Gilmer
2019 Research 280: Developing the Potential of Third-level Campuses as Change Agents in Transition towards Sustainable Communities
Authors: Bernadette O’Regan, Richard Moles, Rachel Shawe and William Horan
2018 Research 245: Designing Interventions for Sustainable Behaviour Change in Business and Communities
Author: Simon O’Rafferty
2018 Research 238: Identifying, Reviewing and Testing the Factors that Drive the Sustainable Behaviour and Transition of Communities, Groups and Individuals
Authors: Vincent Carragher and Sarah McCormack
2018 Research 237: Integrated Indicators for Ireland: Adjusting Economic Progress for Environmental and Social Sustainability (I3: AEPESS)
Authors: Eleanor Doyle and Mauricio Perez-Alaniz
2017 Research 235: Current Status and Potential Role of Eco-labels in Informing Environmentally Friendly Purchases and Behaviours
Authors: William Brazil, Brian Caulfield
2017 Research 220: Financial Incentives to Promote Citizen Investment in Low-carbon and Resource-efficient Assets
Authors: Celine McInerney and Joseph Curtin
2017 Research 215: Going Green Digitally? Environmental Crisis, Consumption Patterns and the Evolving Role of Media
Author: Trish Morgan
2017 Research 206: ECORISK Ecosystem Services Valuation for Environmental Risk and Damage Assessment
Authors: Craig Bullock and Robert O’Shea
2017 Research 205: CONSENSUS II: Segmentation, Experimentation and Biographies for Sustainability
Authors: Anna Davies, Frances Fahy, Henrike Rau, Laura Devaney, Ruth Doyle, Mary Jo Lavelle and Richard Manton
2015 Research 138: CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability
This report demonstrates sustainable consumption patterns
2013 Towards a Green Net National Product for Ireland
STRIVE Report 103 - John Curtis et al.
2013 Summary of Findings - Towards a Green Net National Product for Ireland
Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 103
2012 Decision-Support Tools for Managing the Urban Environment in Ireland.
STRIVE Report 92 - Brendan Williams and Sheila Convery
2011 Assessing Access To Information, Participation, and Justice in Environmental Decision Making in Ireland
STRIVE Report 86 - Michael Ewing, Alison Hough and Magnus Amajirionwu
2010 Ireland's Sustainable Development Model
STRIVE Report 47 Seán Lyons and Richard S.J. Tol
2010 Sustainable Rural Development: Managing Housing in the Countryside
STRIVE Report 44 - Mark Scott et al.
2010 Evaluating the Role of the City and County Development Boards in Promoting Public Participation in Local Sustainable Development
STRIVE Report 41 - G. Mullally et al.
2009 Innovative Data Capture and Presentation Techniques in Support of the EU Environmental Noise Directive
STRIVE Report 25 - Gearóid Ó Riain and Tim McCarthy
2009 Establishing an Eco-Industrial Network for SMEs in the Mid-West Region
STRIVE 19 - B. O'Regan & R. Moles
2009 Guide to Establishing an Eco-Industrial Network
Guide from the ERTDI-funded project: 2004-SD-MS-18
2008 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Alternatives Development for Household Waste Management
STRIVE Report 18 - Margaret Desmond
2009 Galway 21: Implementing the Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development in Galway City Council
STRIVE Report 17 - Frances Fahy
2009 Deriving Quality of Life Indicators in Urban Areas - A Practitioner’s Guide
Practitioner’s Guide from the ERTDI-funded project: 2004-SD-FS-23
2009 Public participation in the selection of sustainable development indicators in Limerick, and Freshford, Ireland
STRIVE Report 13 - B. O'Regan & R. Moles
2008 Environmental Sustainability and Future Settlement Patterns in Ireland
STRIVE Report 2 - Richard Moles & Bernadette O'Regan
2008 Island Limits – A Resource Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint of Ireland
STRIVE Report 1 - Cathy Maguire and Robin Curry
2008 Quality of Life and the Environment
ERTDI Report 74 - Bullock et al.
2008 Energy Crops in Ireland: An Assessment of their Potential Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture, Electricity and Heat Production
ERTDI Report 70 - David Styles and Michael Jones
2007 Sustainable Tourism Development: Toward the Mitigation of Tourism Destination Impacts
ERTDI Report 80 - Sheila Flanagan et al.
2007 Environmental Attitudes, Values and Behaviour in Ireland
ERTDI Report No. 65 (M. Kelly et al.)
2007 Trends in Irish Environmental Attitudes between 1993 and 2002 First Report of National Survey Data, July 2003
Final Report 1/3 from the ERTDI-funded project 2001-MS-SE1 (Kelly et al.)
2007 Cultural Sources of Support on which Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Draw - Second Report of National Survey Data, September 2003
Final Report 2/3 from the ERTDI-funded project 2001-MS-SE1 (Kelly et al.)
2007 Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours: Ireland in Comparative European Perspective - Third Report of National Survey Data
Final Report 3/3 from the ERTDI-funded project 2001-MS-SE1 (Kelly et al.)
2007 Introduction of Weight-Based Charges for Domestic Waste Disposal
ERTDI Report 54 - Scott & Watson
2007 The Use and Regulation of Environmental Claims as a Means for Promoting Sustainable Consumption in Ireland
ERTDI Report 52 - Pender et al.
2004 Carbon Taxes: Which Households Gain Or Lose?
ERTDI Report 40 - Scott et al.
2005 Environmental Economics: Fertiliser Taxes – Implementation Issues
ERTDI Report 23 - Scott
2004 The Macro-Economic Effects of Using Fiscal Instruments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
ERTDI Report 21 - Bergin et al.