Results from the Cleaner Greener Production Programme - Summary Phase 2

D. Cunningham et al

Summary: D. Cunningham et al

Published: 2008

ISBN: 1-84095-247-4


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Phase 2 of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP) took place over a 24 month period between 2005 and 2007. It built on the success of CGPP Phase 1, and the results have clearly demonstrated that Cleaner Greener Production brings both environmental and economic benefits.

Under Phase 2 of the CGPP, 22 organisations or groups were funded. In total, more than 150 organisations were involved in the programme (due to the networking nature of some of the projects, and partnerships in others). This means that more than 150 organisations have been introduced to the cleaner production concept. Significant improvements, both environmental and economic have been made.