Investigation into why Existing Environmental Technologies are Underused

Summary: Final Report of the ERTDI-funded project 2005-ET-DS-19-M3

Published: 2007



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Environmental technologies provide great potential for Ireland and the European Union (EU) both for economic development in line with the Lisbon Agenda and also to protect and enhance the environment.

Ireland has shown significant commitment, through policies and programmes, to supporting the uptake of environmental technologies. Many initiatives are also in place in other countries. The EU has also implemented several policies and programmes which are symbiotic with the Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP).

However, despite the range of activities in Ireland and the spread of agencies and organisations involved, recent studies have shown that this country still has room for improvement on the levels of uptake particularly in comparison to some EU Member States.

There are many ways to achieve such improvements, through the effective application of regulatory, economic and awareness/information instruments. Many such instruments are outlined in the Main Report to this study. Some of these are already being applied in Ireland, but their implementation could be intensified. Other initiatives have been effective elsewhere, but have not yet been put in place in Ireland.

Since environmental technologies cover a wide area of potential application, many public and private agencies are active in their promotion and utilisation. These are listed in this report and have also been detailed in Ireland’s National Roadmap for the Implementation of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan published by the DEHLG in 2006. While all of these (and other) organisations have an important individual role to play in the support of environmental technologies, there is a need to harmonise and synchronise their activities. Several programmes are currently in place, some of which have been very successful, and these need to be learned from, built upon, intensified, and adapted to future trends and needs.


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