Environmental Technologies Guidelines on how to take a pilot project to market

ERTDI Report 61 - Kelly & Ryan

Summary: Final report of ERTDI-funded project 2005-ET-DS-25-M3

Published: 2007

ISBN: 1-84095-234-2

Pages: 46

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Ireland, like many other developed countries, makes considerable investment in support of environmental research and development environmental R&D). This investment is made for a variety of purposes, all of which relate to a general objective of protecting and improving environmental quality. The output of most of this research is properly in the public domain. There are some areas of R&D, most notably in relation to environmental products and processes, that are potentially capable of being commercialised. However, within Ireland there are indications that the level of commercialisation of research output is less than might reasonably be expected. To investigate this issue, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) commissioned this background study to establish the current level of commercialisation in Ireland and to compare that level with the position in other jurisdictions.