The Quality of Bathing Water in Ireland 2013

An Overview for the year 2013

Summary: Overall the quality of Ireland’s bathing water quality remains very high, with 97 per cent of bathing waters complying with the EU mandatory values and achieving at least ‘Sufficient’ water quality status in 2013. 114 bathing waters met the stricter guideline values achieving ‘Good’ status. The warm, dry summer in 2013 aided a return to normality compared to the wet season of 2012 where only 91 of 136 waters met ‘Good’ status.

Published: 2014

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Key Findings

  • The quality of Ireland’s bathing waters remains very high, with 97 per cent of identified bathingareas (131 of 135) meeting the EU mandatory standards and classed as being of ‘sufficient’ waterquality status. This is comparable to previous years.
  • 84.4 per cent of bathing waters (114 of 135) met the stricter EU guideline standards and wereclassified as being of ‘good’ status compared to just 67 per cent (91 of 136) in 2012.
  • Six local authorities achieved ‘good’ status for all of their designated bathing areas accounting for38.5 per cent (52 of 135) of bathing areas;
  • Just 4 bathing waters (1 inland and 3 coastal) failed to comply with the minimum mandatorystandards and were classified as having ‘poor’ quality status.
  • Projections of bathing water status from 2014 onwards, when the system of classification willintroduce a new class of ‘Excellent’ water quality, suggests that around 2/3rd of Irish waters willmeet this top category.

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