Year Title
2014 Guidance on the Authorisation of Direct Dischages to Groundwater
publication on guidance on direct discharges to groundwater

Guidance on the technical assessments that are needed to authorise discharges to groundwater


EPA Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network

Information on sites and maps including zones of contribution (ZoCs).


Poorly Productive Aquifers Summary Report

This report summarises the establishment of monitoring catchments in Poorly Productive Aquifers by the Groundwater Works Programme.

2010 Groundwater Quality 2007-2009
Overview of the quality of groundwater in Ireland's environment.
2010 Methodology for Establishing Groundwater Threshold Values, the Assessment of Chemical and Quantitative Status for Groundwater and Groundwater Trends
Methods used for Groundwater Body assessment for the Water Framework Directive
2010 Classification of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Substances in Groundwater
Assessment and list of hazardous and non-hazardous subsances relating to groundwater.
2003 Towards Setting Guideline Values For The Protection Of Groundwater In Ireland
Proposals for the setting of environmental quality objectives and standards for groundwaters
2001 Ground Water Monitoring Programme
The information on which the national groundwater quality programme was based prior to 2006.