FAQ's on Calibration

What is calibration?

Calibration is the process of checking an instrument to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer's specification i.e. that it properly measures the radiation level to which it is exposed. This involves exposing the instrument to varying types and doses of radiation.

How is it done?

Calibration of a radiation measurement instrument is carried out by taking a reading of a precise and known quantity of radiation which is traceable to international standards. Readings are compared to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the instrument is functioning correctly.

Who is responsible for calibration?

All businesses and practices which are licensed to use sources of ionising radiation are obliged by law (S.I. 125 of 2000) to ensure measuring instruments are accurately calibrated. They must also be regularly checked to ensure that they are serviceable, and that they are being correctly used.

How frequently does my instrument need calibration?

Under Irish law, (SI 125 of 2000) radiation measurement instruments must be individually calibrated before first use and annually thereafter to ensure that they are in full working order. They should also be calibrated after any repair is carried out.

What instruments do you calibrate?

The EPA Calibration Service calibrates all the most commonly-used radiation measurement instruments in Ireland, namely:

  • Surface Contamination Monitors
  • Gamma and X-Ray Survey Meters
  • Electronic Personal Dosemeters
  • Personal Alarms
How do I arrange a calibration?

Please contact the Calibration Service in advance to arrange a suitable date for calibration. Download the application form and send it to us with the instrument for calibration. An official order number must be supplied.

You will be asked to supply contact details, delivery address for return of the instrument, and preferred payment method. You will also be asked to supply some details about the instrument(s) to be calibrated and your exact requirements.

Please note thattransportation of instruments to the EPA is the responsibility of the customer. The return of the calibrated instruments to customers is organised by the EPA.

For further information, please contact us directly at the EPA Calibration Service.

Where do I send the instrument?

The instrument should be sent by courier in a suitable container, or personally delivered to the

EPA Calibration Service

3 Clonskeagh Square

Clonskeagh Road

Dublin 14

Can I deliver the instrument by post?

If the instrument is sent to us by post, it should be suitably packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

It should also be prominently labelled with the words FRAGILE ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT, or similar.

Do I receive a certificate to confirm the calibration?

A calibration certificate is returned together with the calibrated instrument.

How much does it cost to get an instrument calibrated?

Find out more in Calibration Services.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card, but you must provide a purchase order number in advance.

Can I buy a radiation measuring instrument from the EPA?

The EPA does not sell radiation measurement or protection instruments.

Do you repair damaged or broken instruments?

 The EPA does not carry out repairs of electronic equipment. However, we are happy to advise you about possible solutions.

What happens if there are no available dates to book my instrument in for calibration?

There are other alternative labs that provide calibration services, please contact these labs to have your instrument calibrated.