Calibration services offered by the EPA

All EPA calibration services are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to ISO 17025.

Dose rate meters

Dose rate meters are used to measure radiation levels in a specific environment. They can measure both natural background radiation and man-made radiation.

image of calibration instrument

Surface contamination monitors

Surface contamination monitors are typically used to detect radioactive spillage on work benches.

Personal monitors and alarms

Personal monitors and alarms are used to measure the radiation dose received by an individual.

Instrument calibration charges 2020

Instrument TypeCharge (€)
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 1 scale 124
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 2 scales 156
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 3 scales or more 173
Contamination Meters 124
Electronic Personal Dosemeters (EPDs) 54
Personal Alarms 43

All prices subject to VAT at 21%