Product Certification

What is product certification?

On request, the EPA issues certificates to show that the radioactivity content of Irish foodstuffs and other produce is below the requirements of the importing country.

Who requires a product certificate?

Anyone who produces food or drinks products for export may require a product certificate from the EPA, officially called a Certificate of Radioactivity Measurement.

Why would a product certificate be required?

Sometimes the country to which Irish products are being exported will legally require a product certificate before allowing that produce to be imported.

What products require certification?

Food and drinks products for export may require certification. The EPA regularly certifies beef, lamb, pork, milk powders, pharmaceutical products, dairy products and a range of processed foods.

Why is there demand for certificates which show the radioactivity content of Irish foods?

Despite the extremely low levels of radioactivity found in Irish produce, there is a continuing demand from several importing countries for this type of certification. This was initiated after the 1986 Chernobyl accident and has continued to this day.