Inspections & Enforcement


The EPA routinely carries out inspections to ensure that licensees and registrants are in compliance with safety procedures, licensing conditions and Ionising Radiation Regulations 2019.  Our inspection activities are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to ISO 17020.

Inspections are divided into two parts:

  1. Administrative details – this will include a review of all documentation relating to the licence, personal dosimetry, disposals, acquisitions, quality assurance testing, training, servicing etc.
  2. Audit of Equipment/Facilities – this will include a visual examination of the licensed items and protective equipment; and an assessment of the radiation protection shielding, storage arrangements etc. The inspector may also make measurements as appropriate.

In addition to routine inspections, the EPA may carry out inspections where:

  • A complaint has been made against a licensee
  • A radiation incident has been reported
  • There is reasonable suspicion that a source of ionising radiation is being held or used without a licence
  • There are concerns over documentation submitted to support a licensing application or amendment.


The EPA has a number of options for dealing with failure to comply with the regulations and licensing conditions. They include:

  • Direction: ordering persons to vacate buildings, premises and land and to refrain from performing any acts which could escalate the danger
  • Licence suspension or withdrawal
  • Prosecution

The chosen option decided upon will depend upon the seriousness of the breach of the regulations or licensing conditions.