Leaving Certificate Geography Pack



These resources supports the revised Leaving Certificate Geography Syllabus and provides materials for studying elements of the syllabus relating to the environment, using Irish locations and issues.

We have designed the resources to meet several aims of the revised syllabus and follow the guidance and teaching methods provided in the Teachers’ Guidelines for Leaving Certificate Geography.

As the teacher, you can choose how to use this resource to best support your teaching goals. The units can be integrated into the planning of syllabus topics for study, or your class can work through the entire resource over a longer period. You may also wish to select topics or units of particular interest or local relevance.

The pack, including the video clips referred to in the six units, is available to download at the links below in both English and Irish.  Copies were distributed to all geography teachers via in-service training and some copies are still available: contact education@epa.ie.

Unit 1: Sustainble Development  - and its application and relevance in different settings
Unit 2: Energy: Production, Efficiency And Conservation - the unsustainable nature of current energy production practice in Ireland, and the importance of energy efficiency and conservation
Unit 3: The Waste Crisis - and various approaches to the problem
Unit 4: Sustainable Economic Development - the impact of varous economic activities on the environment in Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency's role
Unit 5: Environmental Conflicts and Challenges - at local, national and global levels
Unit 6: Settlement, Development and Sustainability  - problems in urban and rural areas, and on coastlines, and approaches to dealing with them under the National Spatial Strategy

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