Resources for primary schools

We have developed these materials in close consultation with Irish primary schools, using Irish data and closely linking them to the primary school curriculum.

The resources are divided into five topic packs which you can download for printing and use in the classroom. The packs are available in English or Irish:

English PackIrish Pack
The Waste Pack Dramhaíl
The Natural Resources Pack Achmainní Nádúrtha
The Impacts and Pollution Pack Tionchair agus Truailliú
The Nature Pack An Dúlra 
The Environmental Care Pack Cúram Imshaoil

Your Environment and the Weather

Primary school resources from Met Eireann aim to provide a basic introduction to the weather and weather-related topics for primary school students. These resources are designed to encourage primary students to engage in active learning through exploration and investigation of basic meteorological principles. It is hoped that these resources will help students to practice a range of scientific skills and to develop open, critical and responsible attitudes to the wider environment.

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