The Nature Pack

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This educational resource pack for primary schools includes identification keys for common local species of birds, trees and insects.

It involves a range of activities where your students can observe, identify and sort the animals and plants they encounter in their local environment and beyond.


Activities and investigationsDescription
Teachers Notes Teachers' notes to accompany the sections below
Who Crawls There? Making and Exploring a habitat
Feed Me! What does a plant need to grow?
Who Eats Who? Make a mobile of a food chain
Sort it! Plant and animal characteristics
Watch the Birdie! Observe and describe birds
Animal Action! Animals and their habitats
Well rooted! Learn about the place of trees in Ireland
Wild Flowers Living things - wild flowers handouts
Eco Bird Table Why make a bird table? 
Eco Identify Trees Identifying Trees!
Mini Beasts Living things - Mini Beasts handouts
Eco about Trees All about Trees
Working with Wildlife A day in the life of two Irish wildlife scientists


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