The Natural Resources Pack

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This educational pack for primary schools looks at the importance of natural resources, including food, air, water, soil and energy. Activities include:

  • Building and using a weather station
  • Growing food in the school grounds
Activities and investigationsDescription
Teachers' Notes Teachers' notes to accompany the sections below
Where do you stand? Investigate our share of the Earth and how we use it
Grow your own! Find out what foods we can and cannot grow in Ireland
Wait your turn! Investigate crop rotation
Food miles Learn where food comes from, how far it travels, and the effect this has on the environment
How's the weather? Build your own school weather station
Euro Power! Make a wind turbine to lift a euro coin using the power of the wind
Far from the Earth Pick everyday objects and trace the path of their materials back to the Earth
Straw, sticks or bricks? Survey local buildings to identify materials used in construction
Fishy business! Look at overfishing through a physical activity

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