The Waste Pack: Thinking About Waste In Ireland

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This pack of primary school educational resources aim to encourage your students to think about waste in Ireland, and how we can all contribute to reducing the amount we dispose of.

All files are PDF format, and can be accessed with Acrobat Reader. They are also available in Irish (see link below)


Activities and investigationsDescription
 Teachers' Notes  Teachers' notes to accompany the sections below
 What's in your bin?  Investigate our share of the Earth and how we use it
 A juicy graph  Build a 3D graph from waste juice cartons and consider the volume of waste we produce
 What a waste!  Find out more about waste through a story of a day in the life of a typical Irish girl
 Food for thought  Investigate biodegradable waste from the preparation of a family meal
 Rot or not?  Learn about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste by burying and monitoring waste items over time
 Fan of wrap?  Examine the amounts and types of packaging waste from a range of typical items in weekly the shopping
 Expedition! Back to the Future  A drama where pupils imagine they are explorers in the year 3004 who find an ancient rubbish dump
 Making compost  Find out how to make and use compost (by kind permission of ECO-UNESCO)



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