Science Apprentice Books

The EPA is pleased to announce the publication of the latest Science Apprentice book series, written by Dr. Claire O’Connell, and produced by the Public Engagement Team at UCD Research with sponsorship from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Science Foundation Ireland, University College Dublin and the Irish Independent. The series was developed with the participation of schoolchildren around the country through interactive workshops and discovery tours.

All four books are illustrated and feature augmented reality technology, under the titles listed below:

  • Superbodies - looks at how our bodies work and the role that technology plays in keeping us healthy, featuring the work of CÚRAM, a Science Foundation Ireland centre.
  • Illusion - explores areas of perception, the senses, augmented and virtual reality technologies featuring the work of computer science researchers in UCD and the UCD Sensory Science Lab.
  • Up in the Air - examines themes such as pollution, flight, weather and ecology and features input from several Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) experts.
  • How It’s Made - looks at technology and design, including 3D-printing, robotics and prototyping.

The books are available to order for schools. More details are available from the Science Apprentice website.

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