Water Call 2019

The EPA Research Programme has a strong focus on policy and is driven by national regulations and European directives. A sustained Water Research Programme is an essential component of Ireland’s role in protecting its water resources and meeting its requirements under water-related EU directives, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and national polices.

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Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for additional information.  Any queries related to the call not covered by our FAQs must be emailed to research@epa.ie

The overall aim of the water pillar is to support relevant water policy and to protect our water environment, contributing to achieving excellent water quality in Ireland.

The EPA Research Water Pillar deals with groundwater, surface water, transitional and coastal water; as well as wastewater, drinking, bathing and shellfish waters.

The EPA Research Water Pillar is structured into five thematic areas of research, as follows:

  • Theme-1. Safe Water;
  • Theme-2. Ecosystem Services and Sustainability;
  • Theme-3. Innovative Water Technologies;
  • Theme-4. Understanding, Managing and Conserving our Water Resources;
  • Theme-5. Emerging and Cross-cutting Issues.

Where appropriate, a trans-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach should be considered on these themes, with expected social, economic, technological, environmental and policy impacts.