SFI - EPA Funding Opportunities

Since 2015, the EPA is collaborating with Science Foundation Ireland, providing cofunding as part of their calls.

To-date, the EPA has provided co-funding for the:

  • 2019 SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme (awaiting results)
  • 2016/17 SFI Investigator Programme – with 2 awards:
    • Trinity College Dublin (Frank Wellmer) – looking at crop protection (A new avenue for crop protection: generating Brassica cultivars with supernumerary trichomes); and
    • University of Limerick (Michael Zaworotko) – looking at clean energy (Green Adsorbents for Clean Energy).
  • 2015/16 SFI Investigator Programme – with 1 award:
    • Trinity College Dublin (David Chew) – looking at uranium-lead dating of the mineral calcite by laser ablation mass spectrometry. This award is also cofunded by the Geological Survey of Ireland.