ShARE - Shared Agencies Regulatory Evidence Programme

ShARE is a flexible framework for research and evidence collaboration between the five environment agencies of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our involvement in ShARE helps to deliver evidence to underpin environmental regulation and maximise benefits from funding and resources invested. This collaborative approach is in keeping with the increased focus of the EPA on partnering and networking and helps us to meet our current strategic goals in this area.   

Research Areas:

  • The impact of regulated industry activities on the environment
  • Understand the effectiveness of interventions
  • Horizon scanning – emerging technologies, markets, policy and legislation (anticipating issues and opportunities)
  • Understanding how environmental regulators can enable sustainable economic growth
  • Provide evidence to advise Government and others on the likely success of policy and regulatory options


  • Evidence to address common regulatory and environmental management problems is produced in a coordinated way, maximising impact whilst minimising costs.
  • We make best use of national experts across the partners, and have better influence over third party research funding streams.

ShARE contacts:

The Environmental Protection Agency contact for ShARE is Dorothy Stewart.

ShARE contacts in the other four agencies can be found here.


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