EPA Research 2030 Reports

Year Title
2021 Research 371: Climate Change and Land Use in Ireland
Author: Eamon Haughey
2021 Research 370: Potential Health Impact of Phthalates: An Irish Perspective
Authors: Catherine Allen, Fiona Regan, Anthony Staines and Jenny Lawler
2021 Research 369: CIViC: Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability to Climate Change
Authors: Páraic C. Ryan, Lara Hawchar, Owen Naughton and Mark G. Stewart
2021 Research 368: Prevention, Control and Eradication of Invasive Alien Species
Authors: Frances E. Lucy, Joe Caffrey, Jaimie T.A. Dick, Eithne Davis and Neil E. Coughlan
2021 Research 367: Particulate Matter from Diesel Vehicles: Emissions and Exposure
Authors: Meabh Gallagher, Bidroha Basu, Bidisha Ghosh, Md. Saniul Alam, Laurence Gill, BalzKamber and Aonghus McNabola
2021 Research 366: An Investigation into WEEE Arising and Not Arising in Ireland (EEE2WEEE)
Authors: Yvonne Ryan-Fogarty, Katherine Casey, Damian Coughlan, Maria Lichrou, Lisa O’Malley and Colin Fitzpatrick
2021 Research 365: Developing Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas and Transboundary Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Authors: Damien Martin and Colin O’Dowd
2021 Research 364: Learning from Group Water Schemes: Community Infrastructures for Sustainable Development
Authors: Patrick Bresnihan, Arielle Hesse and James Merricks White
2021 Research 363: No Home for Plastic
Authors: Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Mindy O’Brien
2021 Research 362: Evaluating Ireland’s Climate Policy Performance
Authors: Sabrina Dekker and Diarmuid Torney
2021 Our Environment, Our Health, Our Wellbeing: Access to Blue/Green Spaces in Ireland
Authors: SHEER Wellbeing Project Team: Christine Domegan et al
2021 Research 361: The State of the Art on the Potential Human Health Impacts of Microplastics and Nanoplastics
Authors: Imen Gdara, Jenny Lawler, Anthony Staines and Sandra O’Neill
2021 Research 360: Methodologies for Financing and Costing of Climate Impacts and Future Adaptation Actions: Transport Networks in Ireland
Authors: Julie Clarke, Enrique Acosta and Heidi Brede