STRIVE 2007 - 2013 Reports

Year Title
2014 STRIVE Report 126: The Application of Geophysics to a Number of Threats to Irish Soil
STRIVE Report 126
2014 STRIVE 125 - Supporting the Concept of Early Warning Analysis
This project looked at developing early warnings systems for safety issues in drinking water plants
2014 STRIVE 124 - Web-based monitoring of gas emissions from landfill sites using autonomous sensor platforms
This project looked at using sensors to monitor gaseous emisisons from landfills.
2014 STRIVE 123 - Management Options for the Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Sludge Derived from Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems
This report looks at options for managing sludge from septic tanks
2014 STRIVE 122 - State-of-the-Art Recycling Technology for Liquid Crystal Displays
This project looks at new methods to safely and cheaply recycle LCD screens
2014 STRIVE 121 - Mapping the spatio-temporal distribution of underwater noise in Irish Waters
This project looks at mapping the effects of noise generated by humans on the marine environment
2013 STRIVE 120 - Assessment and Monitoring of Ocean Noise in Irish Waters
This project examines the impacts of man-made noise on marine animals
2013 STRIVE 119 - Safer Acid Catalysts
This report details our progress towards the development of safer, less toxic and biodegradable chemicals
2014 Interactions of Soil Hydrology, Land Use and Climate Change and their Impact on Soil Quality (SoilH)
STRIVE Report 118 - Gerard Kiely et al
2013 STRIVE 117 - Monitoring of Priority Substances in Waste Water Effluents
This project examined risk factors for priority substances in waste water
2013 STRIVE 116 - Developing Coated Filtration Membranes for Water Purification
This project involved a laboratory scale study into improving the properties of commercial water filtration membranes
2013 SIMBIOSYS: Sectoral Impacts on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
STRIVE Report 115: Jane Stout et al
2013 STRIVE 114: From Doughnuts to Energy: Miniature Enzyme driven Biofuel Cells
The aim of this EPA funded project was to develop cost effective microfluidic platforms for enzymatic biofuel cells
2013 STRIVE 113 - The use of novel enzymes for the cleaner, greener production of cellulosic bioethanol
This project looks at new ways of processing wood, grasses or inedibile plants into biofuel
2013 Regional-Scale Assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Using Remote Sensing
STRIVE Report 112 - Jean Wilson & Carlos Rocha
2013 STRIVE 111 - New approaches to renewable energy
This project delivers a technology where hydrogen can be produced from water at room temperature
2013 STRIVE 110: RE-Evaluate - Re-use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Evaluation and Mainstreaming)
This report looks at possible re-use of electronic goods in Ireland.
2013 STRIVE 110 - Summary of Findings
STRIVE 110 - Summary of Findings
2013 STRIVE 109 - Norovirus in Wastewater and Shellfish
This project looks at the effect of waste waster discharges containing Norovirus on shelfish
2013 Water saving technologies to reduce water consumption and wastewater production
Water saving technologies to reduce water consumption and wastewater production in Irish households
2013 Resource-efficient Ireland – Biodegradable Plastic from Farm-waste Plastic
STRIVE Report 107 - Kevin O'Connor et al
2013 Integrated Biodoversity Impact Assessment - Streamlining AA, SEA and EIA Processes - Practicioner's Manual
This practitioner’s manual provides step-by-step guidance on integrating processes for biodiversity impact assessment.
2013 Ecosystem Indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
STRIVE Report 105 - Samuel Shephard, David G. Reid, Deirdre Brophy, Rick Officer and Ian O’Connor
2013 Indoor Air Pollution and Health
M Coggins et al.
2013 Towards a Green Net National Product for Ireland
STRIVE Report 103 - John Curtis et al.
2013 Extreme Temperatures and Mortality in Ireland
STRIVE Report 102 - Mathilde Pascal et al.
2013 STRIVE 101 - Flow Technology – A green technology with a bright future
This project looks at improving yields and decreasing energy use in pharmaceutical manufacturing
2013 Evaluating the Influence of Groundwater Pressures on Groundwater-Dependent Wetlands
STRIVE Report 100: Sarah Kimberley & Catherine Coxon
2013 Management Strategies for the Protection of High Status Water Bodies
STRIVE Report 99 - Bernadette Ní Chatháin et al.
2013 Identification, Mapping, Assessment and Quantification of the Effects of Disturbance on the Peat Soil Carbon Stock in Ireland
STRIVE 98: John Connolly and Nicholas Holden
2012 Assessment and Monitoring of Ocean Noise in Irish Waters
STRIVE Interim Report 96 - Joanne O’Brien, Suzanne Beck,Simon Berrow and Ian O’Connor
2012 Biogeography and Ecology of Irish Groundwater Fauna
STRIVE Report 95 - Jörg Arnscheidt et al.
2012 Benefit Transfer for Irish Water
STRIVE Report 94 - Daniel Norton, Stephen Hynes, Edel Doherty, Cathal Buckley, Danny Campbell & Mavra Stithou
2012 Urban Environment Project
STRIVE 92: Brendan Williams and Sheila Convery
2012 Water Quality and the Aquatic Environment
STRIVE Report 91 - David Taylor, Yvonne McElarney, Sheila Greene, Chris Barry,
2012 Final Report: Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment, Streamlining AA, SEA and EIA Processes. Best Practice Guidance.
STRIVE Report 90 - Ainhoa González, Tamara Hochstrasser, John Fry, Paul Scott ,Peter Carvill, Mike Jones, Berna Grist.
2012 Enhancing Human Health through Improved Water Quality
STRIVE Report 89 - Martin Cormican
2012 Molecular Diversity and Dynamics of Toxigenic Blue-green Algae in Irish Lakes
STRIVE Report 88 - Nicolas Touzet
2012 Effects of Species Loss and Nutrients on Biodiversity
STRIVE Report 87 - Nessa O’Connor and Tasman Crowe, UCD and Queens Univ. Belfast
2011 Assessing Access To Information, Participation, and Justice in Environmental Decision Making in Ireland
STRIVE Report 86 - Michael Ewing, Alison Hough and Magnus Amajirionwu
2011 Studies of the Chemical Composition and Toxicity of Airborne Fine Particles in Cork’s Mid-Harbour
STRIVE Report 85 - I.P. O’Connor, D.A. Healy, A. Allanic, S.Hellebust,J.M. Bell,S.Cashman, J.Sodeau
2011 A Study of Pay-by-Use Systems for Maximising Waste Reduction Behaviour in Ireland
STRIVE Report 84 - Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Tadhg Coakley
2011 Alien Invasive Species in Irish Water Bodies
STRIVE Report 83 - Caitriona Maguire, Kevin Gallagher, Christine Maggs
2011 Testing a new technology for monitoring nutrients in rivers
STRIVE Report 81 -Katrina Macintosh, Rachel Cassidy, Phil Jordan, Joerg Arnscheidt
2011 Freshwater Biodiversity in the Irish Agricultural Landscape: The Significance of Ponds
STRIVE Report 80 - Margherita Gioria, University College Dublin
2011 Nanotechnology: Environmental and Human Health Impacts
STRIVE Report 79 - Michelle Nic Raghnaill, Meredith Brown, Dong Ye, Mattia Bramini, Kenneth Dawson and Iseult Lynch
2011 National Centre for Water and Wastewater Research and Demonstration
STRIVE Report 78-Edmond O’Reilly, Eoghan Clifford, Michael Rodgers and Padraic O’Donoghue
2011 The Conversion of Waste PET Plastic to a High Value-Added Biodegradable Plastic
STRIVE Report 77 -Shane T. Kenny, Jasmina Nikodinovic Runic and Kevin O’Connor
2011 BOGLAND: Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland - PROTOCOL DOCUMENT
STRIVE 76 - Florence Renou-Wilson, T Bolger, C Bullock, F Convery, J Curry, S Ward, D Wilson and C Müller
2011 BOGLAND: Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland-Final Report
STRIVE 75 - Florence Renou-Wilson, T Bolger, C Bullock, F Convery, J Curry, S Ward, D Wilson and C Müller
2012 Spent Mushroom Compost Management and Options for Use
STRIVE Report 74 - Siobhán N. Jordan, Laura B. Holland and Suzanne U. Linnane
2011 Development of the National Invasive Species Database
STRIVE Report 73 - Ms. Colette O’ Flynn, Dr. Liam Lysaght
2011 Development of specific bacterial detoxification enzymes as bioindicators and biosensors of environmental pollution
STRIVE Report 72 - Martina McGuinness and David Dowling
2011 Composition and Sources of Particulate Air Pollution in a Port Environment, Cork, Ireland
STRIVE Report 71 - Ian P. O’Connor
2011 ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES:Potential for a Zero Carbon Emission Micro Fuel Cell
STRIVE Report 70 - Lorraine Nagle and James Rohan
2011 Evaluating the Ecological Impacts of Cultivating Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant (GMHT) Oilseed Rape and Maize
STRIVE Report 69 - Ewen Mullins and Marcus J. Collier
2011 BioChange
STRIVE Report 68 - S Waldren et al., Trinity College Dublin
2011 CréBeo Soil Biodiversity Project
STRIVE 67 - Olaf Schmidt et al.
2011 Nutrient and Ecosystem Dynamics in Ireland’s Only Marine Nature Reserve (NEIDIN)
STRIVE Report 66 - Mark Jessopp, Rob McAllen, John O’Halloran and Tom Kelly
2011 Recombinant DNA Approaches to Enhance the Activity of the Pathway for the Degradation of the Toxic Pollutant Styrene
STRIVE Report 65 - Mark M. O'Mahony, Niall D. O’Leary and Alan D.W. Dobson
2011 Novel anaerobic sewage treatment and bioenergy production
STRIVE Report 64-Dermot Hughes, Anne Marie Enright, Thérèse Mahony, Vincent O’Flaherty
2011 Industrial Applications of Membrane Technology in Ireland: A Review
STRIVE Report 63 - Michael O’Dea and Noel Duffy
2010 Health Effects Associated with the Atmospheric Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
STRIVE Report 62 -Shouming Zhou and John C. Wenger
2010 Nanotechnology: public engagement with health, environmental and social issues
STRIVE Report 61 - Pádraig Murphy
2010 IMPLANT: The Impact of Plant Nutrients on Primary Productivity in Running Waters: Evaluating the Risk to Stream Ecological Status
STRIVE Report 60 - Michael M. Sturt, Christian K. Dang, Marcel A.K. Jansen and Simon S.C. Harrison
2010 Past, current and future Interactions between pressures, chemicaL status and bioLogical qUality eleMents for lakes IN contrAsting catchmenTs in IrEland
STRIVE Report 59- C. Dalton, E. Jennings, D. Taylor, B. O’Dwyer, S. Murnaghan, K. Bosch, E. de Eyto
2010 Acquisition Of Essential Data For Assessments Of Carbon Sequestration By Soils
STRIVE 58 - Michael H.B. Hayes, Corinna J.M.P. Byrne, Julieta A. Ferreira, Etelvino H. Novotny, Guixue Song
2010 Development of an alum sludge based constructed wetland system for improving organic matter and nutrients removal in high strength wastewater
STRIVE Report 57 - Yaqian Zhao
2010 Contaminant movement and attenuation along pathways from the land surface to aquatic receptors – A Review
STRIVE Report 56 - M. Archbold, M. Bruen, J. Deakin, D. Doody, R. Flynn, M. Kelly-Quinn, B. Misstear and U. Ofterdinger
2010 A Novel Biotechnological Approach To Phosphorus Removal From Wastewaters
STRIVE Report 55 - John W. McGrath and John P. Quinn
2010 Water Framework Directive – Integration, Negotiation and Communication of Optimal Measures with Stakeholders
STRIVE Report 54 - M. Bruen, M. Kelly, W. Magette, E. Gaffey, K. Kochanek, S. Bryan and R. Hallissey
2010 Monitoring of Gas Emissions at Landfill Sites Using Autonomous Gas Sensors
STRIVE Report 53 - Breda M. Kiernan, Stephen Beirne, Cormac Fay and Dermot Diamond
2010 Elucidating the Impact of Aerosols on Cloud Physics and the North Atlantic Regional Climate (EIRE Climate)
STRIVE Report 52 - Robert J. Flanagan and Colin D. O’Dowd
2010 Minimization of hazardous waste generated by CIP operations in the dairy processing industry
STRIVE Report 51 - Angela Boyce and Gary Walsh
2010 Preparation of supported hydrophilic polymeric and mixed matrix membranes for dehydration of ethanol by pervaporation
STRIVE Report 50 - Donal Keane, Eoin Flynn and Michael Morris
2010 Advanced aerosol composition measurements and aerosol radiative properties
STRIVE Report 49 - Darius Ceburnis et al.
2010 An Assessment of Uncertainties in Climate Modelling at the Regional Scale: The Development of Probabilistic Based Climate Scenarios for Ireland
STRIVE Report 48 - Rowan Fealy
2010 Ireland's Sustainable Development Model
STRIVE Report 47 Seán Lyons and Richard S.J. Tol
2010 Comparative Population Health Status Study of a Semi-Rural Irish Community Before and After Licensing of a Waste Incinerator
STRIVE Report 46 - Valerie de Souza, Jean Saunders, Nick Kenny and Tessa Greally
2010 Enhanced Nitrogen Removal for Slaughterhouse Wastewater using Novel Technologies
STRIVE Report 45 - Xinmin Zhan et al.
2010 Sustainable Rural Development: Managing Housing in the Countryside
STRIVE Report 44 - Mark Scott et al.
2010 CLIMATE CHANGE – Accounting for greenhouse gas sources and sinks in major Irish land-use categories
STRIVE Report 43 - Mike Jones et al.
2009 Macroalgal Biomonitoring – Applying Phenolic Compounds as Biomarkers for Metal Uptake Characteristics in Irish Coastal Environments
STRIVE Report 42 - Solène Connan and Dagmar B. Stengel
2010 Evaluating the Role of the City and County Development Boards in Promoting Public Participation in Local Sustainable Development
STRIVE Report 41 - G. Mullally et al.
2009 Implementation of an Urban Community Composting Programme
STRIVE Report 40 - Sarah Miller et al.
2009 Predicting the Impact of Coexistence-Guided, Genetically Modified Cropping on Irish Biodiversity
STRIVE Report 39 - Ewen Mullins et al.
2010 Soils and Bioindicators – The development of the nematode Steinernema feltiae as a bioindicator for chromium VI soil pollution
STRIVE 38 - Stephen Boyle and Thomae Kakouli-Duarte
2010 Pilot Programme for Establishing a Regional EcoBusiness Recognition Mark
STRIVE 37 - C. Gibson et al.
2009 Analytical Devices for Autonomous Monitoring of the Environment
STRIVE Report 36 - Tanja Radu et al.
2010 SoilC - Measurement and Modelling of Soil Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in Irish Soils
STRIVE 35 - G. Kiely et al.
2009 Occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products within sewage sludge and sludge-enriched soils
STRIVE Report 34 - Leon Barron et al.
2009 The use of mesoporous silicas to absorb and separate metals and nanoparticles from aqueous or organic solutions
STRIVE Report 33- Aoife Burke
2009 Sustainable Logistics: Towards the Development of Environmentally Conscious Supply Chains
STRIVE Report 32 - Paul Ryan et al.
2009 Conflicts Between Energy Policy Objectives and the National Climate Change Strategy in Ireland
STRIVE Report 31 - Brian Ó Gallachóir et al.
2009 SmartCoast Project – Smart Water Quality Monitoring System
STRIVE Report 30 - Fiona Regan et al.
2009 Demonstration of a Miniaturised Multi-Channel Cytometry System and its Suitability for Autonomous Deployment
STRIVE Report 29 - Barbara Fogarty et al.
2009 On-site wastewater treatment: investigation of rapid percolating subsoils, reed beds and effluent distribution
STRIVE Report 28 - Laurence Gill et al.
2008 Ireland in a Warmer World - Scientific Predictions of the Irish Climate in the Twenty-First Century
STRIVE Report 27 - S. Dunne et al.
2009 The Development of an Audit Methodology to Generate Construction Waste Production Indicators for the Irish Construction Industry
STRIVE Report 26 - Mark Kelly and John Hanahoe
2009 Innovative Data Capture and Presentation Techniques in Support of the EU Environmental Noise Directive
STRIVE Report 25 - Gearóid Ó Riain and Tim McCarthy
2009 Celticflux: Measurement and modelling of Greenhouse gas fluxes from Grasslands and a Peatland in Ireland
STRIVE Report 24 - Gerard Kiely et al.
2009 Development of a Novel Environmental Monitoring System based on Optical Oxygen Sensing and Respirometry
STRIVE Report 23- Dmitri B. Papkovsky et al
2009 Development of an Industry-Led Quality Standard for Source-Separated Biodegradable Material Derived Compost
STRIVE Report 22 - M. Prasad & P. Foster
STRIVE Report 21 - G. Purvis et al.
2009 Evaluation of models (PaSim, RothC, CENTURY, DNDC) for simulation of grassland carbon cycling at plot, field and regional scale
STRIVE Report 20 - K. Byrne & G. Kiely
2009 Establishing an Eco-Industrial Network for SMEs in the Mid-West Region
STRIVE 19 - B. O'Regan & R. Moles
2009 Guide to Establishing an Eco-Industrial Network
Guide from the ERTDI-funded project: 2004-SD-MS-18
2008 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Alternatives Development for Household Waste Management
STRIVE Report 18 - Margaret Desmond
2009 Galway 21: Implementing the Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development in Galway City Council
STRIVE Report 17 - Frances Fahy
2009 Deriving Quality of Life Indicators in Urban Areas - A Practitioner’s Guide
Practitioner’s Guide from the ERTDI-funded project: 2004-SD-FS-23
2008 Critical Analysis of the Potential of Mechanical Biological Treatment for Irish Waste Management
STRIVE Report 16 - B. Guinan et al.
2008 Air Pollution - Trace Radical Absorption through Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy (TRACES)
STRIVE Report 15 - U. Heitmann et al
2008 Energy Efficiency Improvement of Wastewater Treatment Processes using Process Integration Techniques
STRIVE Report 14 - Toshko Zhelev et al.
2009 Public participation in the selection of sustainable development indicators in Limerick, and Freshford, Ireland
STRIVE Report 13 - B. O'Regan & R. Moles
2009 CLIMATE CHANGE: Refining the Impacts for Ireland
STRIVE Report 12 - Sweeney J et al.
2008 Examining the Use of Food Waste Disposers
STRIVE Report 11 - Carmel Carey et al.
2008 A Nationwide Review of Pay-By-Use (PBU) Domestic Waste Collection Charges in Ireland
STRIVE Report 10 - Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Anna Davies
2008 A Nationwide Review of Pay-By-Use (PBU) Domestic Waste Collection Charges in Ireland
STRIVE Report 9 - Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Anna Davies
2008 Quantification of Erosion and Phosphorus Release from a Peat Soil Forest Catchment
STRIVE Report 8 - M. Rodgers et al.
2008 Water Framework Directive: Marine Ecological Tools for Reference, Intercalibration and Classification (METRIC)
STRIVE Report 7 - Cusack et al.
2008 Water Framework Directive: Recharge and Groundwater Vulnerability
STRIVE Report 6 - Bruce Misstear and Les Brown
2008 eDiesel – Barriers and Benefits
STRIVE Report 5 - Fergal Purcell
2008 Climate Change – An Analysis of Aerosol Properties at Mace Head
STRIVE Report 4 - S.G. Jennings et al.
2008 The Value of Parasitic Hymenoptera as Indicators of Biological Diversity
STRIVE Report 3 - Annette Anderson & Gordon Purvis
2008 Environmental Sustainability and Future Settlement Patterns in Ireland
STRIVE Report 2 - Richard Moles & Bernadette O'Regan
2008 Island Limits – A Resource Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint of Ireland
STRIVE Report 1 - Cathy Maguire and Robin Curry