Evaluation of models (PaSim, RothC, CENTURY, DNDC) for simulation of grassland carbon cycling at plot, field and regional scale

STRIVE Report 20 - K. Byrne & G. Kiely

Summary: Final report for the ERTDI-funded project 2005-FS-32

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-84095-148-6

Pages: 48

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Format: pdf

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Biogeochemical models are increasingly used to simulate greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange and carbon (C) cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. Models enable the integration of processes and can be upscaled from plot to field and regional scale. In addition, such models are becoming increasingly important in the development of GHG accounting systems. There is a need to investigate the applicability of such models to the major ecosystem types in Ireland.

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