EPA IE Amendment - Letter to Objector02/04/201415Kb
EPA IE Amendment18/12/201338Kb
EPA IE Amendment- Director Decision18/12/201338Kb
EPA IE Amendment-Letter to Licensee18/12/201312Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Register07/08/2013322Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Enforcement06/08/2013155Kb
EPA Final Determination01/08/20131334Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Final Determination01/08/20133109Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Final Determination01/08/201314059Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Final Determination01/08/201349159Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority - Re Register25/07/2013183Kb
EPA Board Extract23/07/20135117Kb
EPA Technical Committee Report23/07/201325736Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Application Status17/06/201361Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Submission on Objection20/05/201334Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Objection25/04/201362Kb
EPA Newspaper Notice28/03/2013177Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Proposed Determination27/03/201367Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Invalid Submission27/03/201359Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Proposed Determination27/03/2013124Kb
EPA Proposed Determination27/03/20131379Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Proposed Determination27/03/2013714Kb
EPA Newspaper Notice14/03/2013202Kb
EPA Board Extract05/03/201352Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report05/03/2013830Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report - Addendum05/03/2013191Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Article 18(2) - Extn of time05/03/201344Kb
EPA Recommended Determination05/03/20131164Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 228/02/201355Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - HSA22/01/201374Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority - Re Section 87(1I)(f)(i)17/01/201386Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - RE Article 2017/01/2013739Kb
EPA Notification - Re Section 87(1I)(b)19/12/2012100Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report - Re EIA Screening Decision17/12/2012116Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Art 17 Reply15/11/201237Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 1725/10/201261Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Compliance14/09/201235Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Article 1105/09/201232Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 1113/07/2012113Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Article 1122/05/201236Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 1124/04/2012122Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement14/03/201253Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Article 1105/03/201232Kb
EPA Notification - Article 11(2)(b)(ii)06/01/2012141Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Article 8 Acknowledgement04/01/201227Kb
EPA Notification - Article 811/11/201178Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - RE Application04/11/2011628Kb
EPA Application Acknowledgement03/11/201165Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - RE Monitoring03/11/2011155Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority- Re Register12/10/201160Kb