EPA Letter to Licensee - re OEE monitoring15/06/2015107Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - re Final Decision15/06/2015695Kb
EPA Final Decision & Notification10/06/20152275Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Final Decision10/06/201571Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - re Final Decision10/06/2015483Kb
EPA Board Extract - re Final Decision26/05/201556Kb
EPA Technical Committee Report21/05/20151439Kb
EPA Email to Applicant - re Submission on Objection13/03/201533Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Email re Submission on Objection13/03/201534Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Circulation of Objections13/02/201567Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Circulation of Objections13/02/2015279Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - re Invalid Objection No 105/02/201583Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Proposed Decision15/01/201567Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - re Proposed Decision15/01/2015231Kb
EPA Proposed Decision & Notification15/01/20152448Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - re Proposed Decision15/01/2015650Kb
EPA Director Decision - re Proposed Decision05/01/201536Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report22/12/20141445Kb
EPA Recommended Decision22/12/20142207Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 419/11/201464Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - ABP re Section 4220/10/201485Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Art 16 Acknowledgement07/10/201458Kb
EPA AA Screening Determination - Applicant25/08/201458Kb
EPA AA Screening Determination - Submittors25/08/2014155Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Art 14 Acknowledgement25/08/201488Kb
EPA AA Screening Determination14/08/201464Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 305/08/201461Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority - re Section 42 letter23/07/201439Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Article 14 info26/06/201436Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Planning re Section 4226/06/201475Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - re EIS26/06/2014538Kb
EPA Notification - re Article 1426/05/2014120Kb
EPA Notification - re Section 42 (1I)(b)23/05/2014119Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 16 - IED Declaration Form18/07/2013676Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority - re EIS13/02/2012514Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Art 14 Reply - Acknowledgement21/09/201145Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 1410/08/2011177Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement14/03/201183Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Art 14 Reply - Acknowledgement15/02/201153Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification15/02/2011705Kb
EPA Notification - Re Article 1422/10/2010174Kb
EPA Application Acknowledgement29/09/2009152Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification29/09/2009775Kb