Household Hazardous Waste at Civic Amenity Sites

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The Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the Health and Safety Authority has developed guidance to assist civic amenity site operators to safely accept and store a full range of household hazardous waste from the public.

Approximately 30,000 tonnes of hazardous waste from households, small businesses and farms go unreported and untreated in Ireland every year. This means it is likely to be mixed with general household waste, discharged to drains or shores, dumped, buried or burnt. The risk of environmental pollution and negative health impacts from these activities is very high. Currently, not all civic amenity sites accept household hazardous waste. This guidance will assist them to accept a larger range of household hazardous waste types while at the same time offering guidance on the identification, assessment and management of the environmental, health and safety risks associated.

The EPA has also developed a training course to broaden the reach of this guidance and this will be delivered through the Local Authority Services National Training Group at their training centres around the country.

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Read the Guidance for Management of Household Hazardous Waste at Civic Amenity Sites