National Waste Statistics

The EPA produces national waste statistics to meet various legislative reporting obligations and also to make these data available to the public. Waste data are collected via surveys of waste operators and local authorities and other administrative data sources. National waste statistics are reported electronically via the EPA's dedicated webpages which are updated regularly.

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Municipal Waste Characterisation

Municipal waste characterisation studies provide up-to-date information on the composition of household and non-household municipal waste (residual, dry recyclable and organic). Waste characterisations have to be repeated due the changing nature of municipal waste streams. These changes can occur as a result of legislation which changes waste presentation, for example, the introduction of the food waste regulations has reduced the organic content of the residual bin as organic waste is now separately collected. 

Since 1996, the EPA has commissioned a number of municipal waste characterisation studies. A new study is underway and the final report will be published in the first half of 2018. This will provide much needed updates on the composition of Ireland's municipal waste.

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