Waste management and prevention

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licenses certain waste activities and these licences are enforced by the EPA's Office of Environmental Enforcement.  Industrial installations licensed by the EPA (IED and IPC licences) are also obliged to prevent or minimise waste generation.

The management of municipal and other wastes is provided for in the three Regional Waste Management Plans (Connacht-Ulster Region, Eastern-Midlands Region and Southern Region).

Hazardous waste management is provided for in the National Hazardous Waste Management Plan prepared by the EPA.

The EPA produces national waste statistics to meet numerous legislative reporting obligations and make these data available to the public. 

National policy

Ireland's national policy on waste is detailed in the Department of the Environment's documents:

  • Changing Our Ways
  • Delivering Change
  • Taking Stock And Moving Forward
  • A Resource Opportunity

The National Waste Prevention Programme has initiated a range of projects aimed at waste prevention in Ireland. 

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