National Inspection Plan 2015-2017

Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems

The Environmental Protection Agency published the second National Inspection Plan 2015 - 2017: Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems in 2015.  The plan continued the approach set in the 2013 - 2014 Plan, taking into account: 

  • The findings of the review of the implementation of the National Inspection Plan for 2013-2014;
  • Experience gathered from the engagement activies and inspections; and
  • Submissions received during the consultation period.

The aim of the Plan was to protect water and human health from the risks posed by domestic waste water treatment systems using a two strand approach of engagement strategies linked with risk based inspections.

A separate report outlining the main issues detailed in submissions received during the consultation period and the EPA response is available here.

The National Inspection Plan 2015-2017 has been replaced by the 2018-2021 Plan.