National Inspection Plan - 2015 Implementation Report

National InspectionPlan - 2015 Implementation Report

NIP 2015 Implementation Report: 1st January - 31st December 2015

The purpose of this report is to provide data on the implementation of the National Inspection Plan for the period 1st January - 31st December 2015.

The review finds that:

  • Two local authorities failed to complete the minimum allocation of inspections for the period.
  • The overall inspection failure rate for the period has decreased from 46% to 45%.
  • 144 Advisory notices from the review period remain open with no time extension in place.
  • 22% and 25% of all systems inspected failed because of a lack of de-sludging and operation and maintenance issues respectively.

Download the report for more details in the implementation of the Plan for the period 1st January 2015- 31st December 2015.

Download information relating to the tables in Excel format.