Characterisation is a multi-disciplinary task which involves a wide range of stakeholders. A variety of datasets is also required, many of which are not currently captured or accessible in a centralised system.

The WFD Application provides a single point of access to catchment data which will be useful for a range of catchment science and management purposes, not just those that are specific to the WFD.

Accessing the WFD App

The Application is accessible through EDEN and is available to EPA staff and EPA-funded researchers, as well as staff in other public agencies.

If you have any queries please contact catchments[at]

WFD App - Phases of Development

Phase Purpose Target Delivery Date Status  More information
1 Support the preliminary risk screening process Q2 2015 Completed WFD App Phase 1 Technical Overview
2 Support initial characterisation of subcatchments and catchments Q3/4 2015 Completed N/A
3 Provide information to the public Q1/2 2016 Completed
4 Support further characterisation TBC    
5 Support programmes of measures and monitoring programmes TBC    


WFD App Screenshot

‌Figure 1: Screenshot of WFD App on EDEN‌