Air quality monitoring in Crumlin, Dublin 12

The Environmental Protection Agency manages the national ambient air quality network.

The air quality index for Crumlin is calculated on an hourly basis under the  Dublin City AQIH Region. The Air Quality Map shows you if air quality is good, fair, poor or very poor in your region.

You can find out if air quality is likely to affect your health and what you can do to protect your health on the Air Quality Index for Health page.

Air monitoring is currently not carried out in Crumlin.

Historical air monitoring information

The Crumlin site wass located in the Garda Station in Crumlin village in Dublin. Monitoring was done by a mobile unit containing continuous monitors for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and benzene. Continuous samples were also taken for particulates (PM10) and lead.

Measurements were collected from 13/07/2000 to 31/08/2004 and compared with the assessment thresholds in the Air Quality Regulations to determine the long term monitoring necessary. Results are available through the links below.