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Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

EDEN is the EPA's online web portal for Local Authorities and licensees to communicate with the EPA on numerous applications.

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Waste Licensing

The EPA licenses certain activities in the waste sector. These include Landfills, transfer stations, hazardous waste disposal, ship recycling and other significant waste disposal and recovery activities. Select the links below to navigate to these topic areas.

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Article 11

Article 11 is a request submitted to the EPA seeking assistance in identifying/making determination as to what the appropriate waste authorisation that may be required for a facility to operate

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End of Waste (Article 28)

This page aims to help you to understand the concept of end-of-waste and consider whether to apply for end-of-waste status for your recovered/recycled material(s). Make a good quality application to the EPA, if you decide that it is appropriate to apply for end-of-waste status.

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Historic Landfill

The Environmental Protection Agency is obliged to process applications from local authorities in relation to ‘closed landfills’ in accordance with the Waste Management (Certification of Historic Unlicensed Waste Disposal and Recovery Activity) Regulations, 2008. A ‘closed landfill’, also commonly referred to as a historic landfill,

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Certificate of Registration (COR)

When these activities are carried out by local authorities, the EPA can grant a certificate of registration as authorisation for the activity. Find out more by selecting the links below.

Latest publications in Waste

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A guidance document

Guidance for applicants on the planning documentation required for licence applications

Application screening for compliance with Section 87(1B) of the EPA Act 1992 (IE/IPC) / Section 42(1B) of the Waste Management Act 1996 (Waste)

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Do I need a Waste Licence or Certificate of Registration

For Local Authorities

A document to assist in deciding if you require a Waste Licence or a Certificate of Registration

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Do I need a Waste Licence, Permit or Certificate of Registration?

For Private Sector

Reference material to assist you in deciding if you require a Waste Licence, Waste Permit or a Certificate of Registration.

Latest News and Press Releases

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Ireland’s generation of hazardous waste continues to rise, says EPA. EPA Publishes 2019 Hazardous waste Figures

Date released: December 11, 2020

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has today published its latest hazardous waste figures for Ireland. Hazardous waste includes ash produced by waste to energy facilities, contaminated soils and chemicals.

Food Waste is robbing you blind: freeze your food before its use-by date to save money and reduce global greenhouse emissions

Date released: November 17, 2020

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a new campaign to encourage people to take a simple action to reduce food waste, by freezing surplus food before its use-by date.

Unwrapping Ireland’s food waste: Bread is Ireland’s most wasted food, with 41% of people reporting they throw away bread

Date released: September 29, 2020

New findings from an EPA survey, show food waste is a high priority in Irish households, with 54% of those surveyed reporting this issue as a concern to them. The survey shows that people have a strong sense of their role in preventing food waste and expect retailers; restaurants; and manufacturers to act on food waste.