OECD Review of the EPA 

In 2018 the EPA commissioned the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to undertake a review of the EPA with the consultations carried out in 2019. The review followed a framework developed by the OECD to assess and strengthen the organisational performance and governance of regulators. The OECD team were supported in their work by peer reviewers from Norway, Scotland and Portugal. In addition to extensive internal consultation, the team met with a wide range of stakeholders including non-governmental organisations, government departments and members of the Oireachtas. The review was published in early 2020 by the OECD. 

Overall, the OECD findings are that: 

“The EPA has established itself as a trusted and respected body for environmental and radiological protection that is recognised for its scientific integrity. It has been given responsibility for regulating an increasing number of areas on account of its reputation to deliver and it operates with a strong culture of independence. EPA data and reports are the reference for knowledge on Ireland’s environment and the EPA is seen as an authoritative voice on environmental issues. It networks effectively at the European level, where it has gained a reputation as an innovative, open organisation with many good practices to share” 

The OECD report is accessible to download or read online.