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The EPA is the environmental regulator of Irish Water. We issue and enforce authorisations for waste water discharges.  There are approximately 1,100 authorisations nationally. 

Irish Water is responsible for the collection, treatment and discharge of urban waste water in Ireland. If you wish to contact Irish Water with regards to a waste water treatment plant or sewer network, please find their contact details on

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Do you know, how your septic tank system treats your waste water?

Waste water is the polluted form of water generated from rainwater runoff and human activities.  Browse through our environment and you section to read more about waste water.

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Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

EDEN is the EPA's online web portal for Local Authorities and licensees to communicate with the EPA on numerous applications.

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2021 Code of Practice for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems

This publication will assist authorities, developers, system manufacturers, system designers, installers and operators to deal with various systems.

he 2021 Code of Practice for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Population Equivalent ≤ 10) provides guidance on the site characterization, design, operation and maintenance of domestic waste water treatment systems.

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‘Uncertainty and delays in delivering critical wastewater infrastructure is undermining confidence and prolonging risks to public’ – EPA

Date released: November 11, 2020

The EPA report on Urban Waste Water Treatment in 2019, released today, highlights that delays in upgrading treatment systems around the country are prolonging risks to the environment and public health.

Repeated delays in the elimination of raw sewage are unacceptable and pose a risk to our environment and public health.

Date released: November 13, 2019

The EPA report on Urban Waste Water Treatment in 2018, released today, shows there have been some improvements in waste water treatment in the past year, including the elimination of discharges of raw sewage from two areas.

Malfunctioning septic tanks systems are posing risks to people's health and the environment

Date released: July 02, 2019

Nearly half of septic tank systems failed inspection in 2017 and 2018, posing a risk to human health and the environment. Householders need to fix malfunctioning septic tank systems. The Government’s proposed expanded septic tank grant scheme is welcome as part of addressing the issue.