The EPA's role

The EPA carries out rigorous and continuous testing ensuring environmental radiation remains within internationally agreed and legal safety limits. This testing ensures the EPA are quickly made aware of changes in environmental radiation in Ireland and can provide you with health warnings and protection advice if necessary. 

Radiation doses resulting from artificial radioactivity are small compared with those received due to natural radiation and do not constitute a significant health risk. 

Radiation in our environment

The Irish population is exposed to radiation from either natural or man-made sources present in the environment.

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Latest report on Radiation

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Radiation Dose Received by the Irish Population 2024


This is a new assessment, completed by EPA and the Health Information and Quality Authority, of the average radiation dose received by the Irish population.

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Code of Practice on the Application of the Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR19) in Dentistry

Oral radiology is an essential part of modern dentistry and brings very significant benefits for patients. Any use of ionising radiation carries intrinsic risks and hence the use of radiology in dentistry is regulated to ensure the safety of patients, staff and members of the public.

Code of Practice Veterinary Medicine cover image
Code of Practice on the Application of the Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR19) in Veterinary Medicine

Applications of ionising radiation using either X-rays or radionuclides are an essential part of modern veterinary medicine and bring very significant benefits in the diagnosis and treatment of animals. Any use of ionising radiation, however, carries intrinsic risks and hence its use is regulated to ensure the safety of people.

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Survey on Attitudes to Radiation in Ireland, October 2020

This report presents the findings of an online survey carried out by Amárach in October 2020 on behalf of EPA to assess the attitudes of the public in Ireland to radiation.

Latest News and Press Releases

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Radon is still the main source of radiation exposure for the Irish public, say EPA and HIQA.

Date released: June 24, 2024

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) today published a new assessment of the average radiation doses received by the Irish population.

EPA survey highlights need for everyone to do a simple radon test in their homes

Date released: June 24, 2021

A survey exploring Irish attitudes towards radiation found that 28 per cent of people are concerned about radiation. In Ireland, radon accounts for more than half of our radiation exposure.