National environmental research coordination

The EPA is responsible for coordinating environmental research in Ireland.  This page provides information on how that research is coordinated nationally.   

In 2014, three networks (the “National Research Coordination Groups”) were set up for this purpose: 

In 2021, the three groups were merged into an umbrella National Environmental Research Coordination Group (NERCG), which meet twice a year. Sub-groups may be considered when and as relevant. 

The Climate Research Coordination Group (CRCG) was kept as a sub-group in light of its actions under existing national climate policies and plans. 

Terms of reference

The objectives for the National Environmental Research Coordination Group are to: 

  • Facilitate, support and promote coordination, synergies and liaison between relevant cross-sectoral funding organisations, public and private, to reduce the fragmentation and/or duplication of environmental research in Ireland; 
  • Facilitate an exchange forum between research funders and key stakeholders, providing an interface for funding organisations of environmental research to facilitate the dissemination, sharing and uptake of relevant scientific outputs to policymakers and decision makers and the uptake of research outputs for commercialisation; 
  • Identify key research needs and emerging policy needs with the aim of informing the research strategy of Irish funding organisations of environmental research; 
  • Provide a platform for cross-sectoral research funding organisations to liaise and/or collaborate with European and international activities related to environmental research, such as JPIs, Technology Platforms, LIFE. 

Relevant outputs

Impact 2030: The national research strategy

Impact 2030 image


Impact 2030 is the national research strategy. The EPA is involved in the Implementation Forum. 

More information about Impact 2030 is available here.