EPA Research 2030

EPA Research 2030 is a ten-year high-level framework for the EPA's research programming (2021-2030), designed to be agile, responsive and flexible. The EPA is at the front line of environmental protection and policing. As part of its wide range of functions the EPA manages an environmental research programme that delivers essential scientific support for environmental policy development, implementation and broader decision making. 

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Thematic structure

EPA Research 2030 thematic structure comprises four interconnected hubs that bring an integrated and cross-sectoral approach, enabling holistic management and protection of our environment. The scope of EPA-funded research is informed by its relevance to policy and its alignment with the key activities of the EPA. Consideration of the interactions between social, behavioural and economic factors as an integral component of environmental research will lead to enhanced governance and more effective implementation of environmental policies and strategies. 


Addressing climate change evidence needs

Climate change is already having an impact in Ireland and strong mitigation and adaptation measures are needed. Research is essential in providing the evidence necessary to improve our knowledge systems and inform policy decisions that will advance our ambitions to be carbon neutral and resilient to climate disruption. 

Facilitating a green and circular economy

Environmental and sustainability challenges are inextricably linked to economic activities and lifestyles. Research under this hub will contribute to the mainstreaming of sustainable management of natural resources and waste, unlocking the potential of the circular and bio-economies, and boosting competitiveness, through resource efficiency and deployment of innovative technologies and solutions. 

Delivering a healthy environment

A clean, vibrant and safe environment is a prerequisite for good health and wellbeing. Environmental degradation, pollution, as well as known and emerging substances of concern threaten our health and that of our supporting ecosystems. Research under this hub will contribute to understanding the risks and benefits, and to identifying appropriate policy and behavioural responses. 

Protecting and restoring our natural environment

Our natural environment provides us with clean air and water, food and the raw materials to sustain us and our economy. Research is required to inform and support a cross-sectoral approach to managing our natural environment and for the development of policies relating to the regulation of emissions and activities, and the protection of our water, land and ecosystems. 


Annual action plans

Action Plans will provide an overview on the proposed activities of the EPA Research Programme and details on available funding schemes on an annual basis. 

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Thematic research areas assessments

On a three-year cycle, the EPA will carry out a detailed consultation to identify key research areas and actions, including emerging challenges and knowledge requirements, to inform the direction of the subsequent three-year cycle of EPA research awards. The identified priorities will seek to address policy and research needs on various timescales (short, medium and long-term), using tailored project scales (spanning from fast-track to policy supporting assessments to large-scale multidisciplinary and complex projects). 

Download the 2021-2023 EPA Research 2030 Thematic Research Areas Assessment

Download the Discussion Document supporting the 2021-2023 EPA Research 2030 Thematic Research 

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