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Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

EDEN is the EPA's online web portal for Local Authorities and licensees to communicate with the EPA on numerous applications.

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Medium Combustion Plant

A combustion plant is a device in which fuels are burned to make use of the heat generated. This includes boilers, turbines, and engines. The term medium is a reference to the size of the combustion plant.

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Solid Fuel Regulations

The EPA is responsible for maintaining a register of solid fuel producers and issues a unique registration number to each registered producer. Solid fuel producers must register with the EPA annually by 1st September of each year

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Air Pollution Appeals

The EPA is responsible for processing Air Pollution Act licence appeals.

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Air Pollution Appeals

Judicial Review Notice

Notice relating to Judicial Review process for Air Pollution Appeals

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Guidance on Unabated Operation

At Large Combustion Plants Licensed by the EPA

Guidance on Unabated Operation at Large Combustion Plants Licensed by the EPA under Regulation 15 of S.I. No. 566 (European Union (Large Combustion Plants) Regulations 2012)

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Ammonia emissions down one per cent in 2022, however further reductions needed to protect health and the environment

Date released: May 10, 2024

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today published its 2022 assessment of five key air pollutants which impact air quality, health and the environment.

Galway’s citizen scientists find low levels of air pollution from traffic in 7 out of 10 locations studied. Clean Air Together Galway City – The Results!

Date released: February 22, 2024

In October and November 2023, more than 300 citizen scientists measured levels of the harmful air pollutant, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), in Galway city as part of the Clean Air Together Galway City project.

Aimsíonn eolaithe saoránaigh leibhéil ísle aerthruaillithe a thagann ón trácht in 7 as 10 suíomh a rinneadh sampláil orthu. Aer Glan Le Chéile Chathair na Gaillimhe – Na Torthaí!

Date released: February 22, 2024

I mí Dheireadh Fómhair agus i mí na Samhna 2023, thomhais os cionn 300 eolaí saoránaigh leibhéil an truailleáin aeir dhíobhálaigh, Dé-ocsaíd Nítrigine (NO2), i gCathair na Gaillimhe mar chuid den tionscadal Aer Glan Le Chéile Chathair na Gaillimhe.