Air Quality Monitoring in Carlow

Data from Air Quality Monitoring in Carlow

The Environmental Protection Agency manages the National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network.

The Air Quality Index for Health  is calculated every hour and tells you if air quality is good, fair, poor or very poor in your region. The above index is for overall air quality in the Large Towns AQIH Region. You can find out if air quality is likely to affect your health and what you can do to protect your health on the Air Quality Index for Health page.

The Carlow site is located in the fire station on the north side of the town. Monitoring began on 12th July 2004 and concluded on March 14th 2005. The results are available via the link below.

Monitoring was done by a mobile unit containing continuous monitors for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and benzene. PM10 was measured by collecting particulate matter on a filter and analysing it in the laboratory. 

Metals in air were measured by pumping air through filters which were changed at regular intervals. 

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