Levels of PAH measured at Kerdiffstown House

Samples collected at Kerdiffstown House were analysed to determine the concentrations of 15 different polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAH) in the air. The results are in the table below. The concentrations presented here are based on a 12-hour averaging period.


1 February

2 February

3 February

4 February 

5 February 

 6 February

7 February 

 8 February

9 February

Acenaphthylene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3
Acenaphthene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Fluorene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Phenanthrene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 0.94 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Anthracene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 0.04 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Fluoranthene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 10.61 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Pyrene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 9.76 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Chrysene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 14.00 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Benz(a)anthracene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 16.17 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Benzo(b)fluoranthene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 8.38 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Benzo(k)fluoranthene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 1.20 ng/m3  <0.4ng/m3
Benzo(a)pyrene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 6.46 ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3
Benzo(g,h,i)perylene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 3.57 ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3
Dibenzo(a,h)anthrancene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 0.21 ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3
Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene  <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3 0.83 ng/m3 <0.4ng/m3

There is a target air quality standard for benzo(a)pyrene as an annual average concentration of 1 ng/m3, to be attained by 31st December 2012. There are no national ambient air quality limit or target values for the other PAH compounds presented above. Please see our section on Air Quality Standards for further information.  For more information on what we monitor and why check out our 'what we monitor' page.