Programme Officer II (Level 4) General Administrator

Post Number 000238

Summary: The successful candidate will be assigned an administrative role with responsibility for a range of tasks in area assigned. The first post that will be offered off this panel will be in the Office of Radiation Protection and Environmental Monitoring within the EPA’s Emergency Preparedness Team.

Published: 2022

Pages: 12

Filesize: 335 KB

Format: pdf


Application forms must be completed and sent to

Closing Date: 4.00pm on Thursday 17th November 2022.

Interviews are likely to be held in week of 12th December 2022.

The selection process may include:
• Shortlisting of candidates on the basis of the information contained in their application;
• Competitive interview which may be face to face or remote (using Microsoft Teams).



The following naming convention should be used as your email subject heading:
• Post Number and Post name: e.g. 000238 Programme Officer II (Level 4) General Administrator

Your application form should be attached to your email using the following naming convention:
• Post number and applicant name: e.g. 000238 Mary Smith
• A typed signature may be used.
Electronic applications will be accepted in Microsoft Word or a readable PDF file format*.
*A readable PDF file format is when a Microsoft Word document is converted to a PDF document, using the ‘Saved as’ function in Word and selecting the file type as ‘.pdf’. The PDF text should appear on the screen in the correct orientation.