Intercalibration of the Lake Acidification Macroinvertebrate Metric (LAMM) in Ireland

Summary: This report was submitted to the European Commission and shows how Ireland intercalibrated the UK developed classification tool, Lake Acidification Method Metric (LAMM) for the pressure acidification in the Irish situation using Irish lake invertebrate data. It shows how Ireland successfully intercalibrated the class boundaries of the LAMM adapted for the Irish situation using IE Data with those agreed in the Northern Geographical Intercalibration Group N-GIG intercalibration exercise following the Common Implementation Strategy Guidance Document No. 30 “Procedure to fit a new or updated classification method to the results of a completed Intercalibration Exercise” (EC, 2015 – 085).

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Published: 2020

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-84095-954-3

Pages: 20

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