The Quality Of Bathing Water In Ireland 2001

Summary: The report includes a review of both sea water and freshwater bathing areas based on samples of water taken every two weeks between mid May and 31 August.

Published: 2012

ISBN: 1-84095-086-2

Pages: 43

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Executive summary

During the 2001 bathing season, monitoring of water quality at designated bathing sites in Ireland was as usual undertaken in accordance with the EC Directive concerning the quality of bathing waters (76/160/EEC). The purpose of the Directive is to ensure that bathing water quality is maintained and if necessary improved so that it complies with specified standards designed to protect public health and the environment.


The number of designated areas has increased over the years to a total of 131 sites in 2001 (this number includes both sea water and freshwater areas). Local authorities are responsible for sampling (or arranging the sampling) of waters at the bathing sites in their areas. They are also required to conduct periodic investigations to determine the volume, nature and effect of all possible potential polluting discharges at the bathing areas. The role of the Environmental Protection Agency is to collate the water quality results from each local authority involved and to compile a national report which is sent to the European Commission. A single European wide report is published annually by the Commission.