Synthesis Report for project 2005-CD-B2-M1

Summary: Biodiversity and Environmental Change: An Integrated Study Encompassing a Range of Scales, Taxa and Habitats

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Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-392-3

Pages: 60

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Biodiversity is currently declining at rates comparable to major extinctions in geological history, driven by anthropogenic impacts, yet biodiversity underpins the ecological functions that provide the many natural goods and services on which life, livelihoods and sustainable living depend. Understanding how human activities impact on biodiversity, developing effective methods to mitigate impacts and restoring degraded ecosystems are essential to major international policy objectives that aim to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss. Maintaining and enhancing provision of ecosystem goods and services will be key to delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

BioChange was an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional study funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under its Environmental Research Technology Development and Innovation (ERTDI) programme. Its main aim was to develop an integrative research activity that would, now and in the future, address important issues affecting Irish biodiversity, with outputs directly linked to policy support both regionally and nationally.

The full technical final report can be downloaded here.