Nutrient and Ecosystem Dynamics in Ireland’s Only Marine Nature Reserve (NEIDIN)

Final Report for the STRIVE-funded project: 2007-FS-B-4-M5

Summary: STRIVE Report 66 - Mark Jessopp, Rob McAllen, John O’Halloran and Tom Kelly

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Published: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84095-386-2

Pages: 57

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Humans now strongly influence almost every major aquatic ecosystem, and their activities have dramatically altered the fluxes of growth-limiting nutrients from the landscape to receiving waters. Increased incidence of algal blooms and necrotic patches in jewel anemone colonies suggest that anthropogenic nutrient enrichment may be negatively impacting Ireland’s only statutory marine reserve, Lough Hyne. This project aimed to address the nutrient and ecosystem dynamics within Lough Hyne, with additional reference to the candidate special areas of conservation at Tragumna and Tranabo Bays.

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