Summary of Findings - Effects of Species Loss and Nutrients on Biodiversity

Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 87

Summary: Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 87

Published: 2012

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Ecosystems are subject to a myriad of anthropogenic activities yet the cumulative effects of these activities, and how they may vary under different environmental conditions, are difficult to disentangle. Species loss and nutrient enrichment are two of the key drivers of change in aquatic ecosystems. Experimental manipulation of simulated species loss scenarios is required to build a framework from which models can be developed to predict the effects of loss of biodiversity. It is vital that we understand the relationships between species loss and ecosystem functioning to protect the delivery and sustainability of ecosystem services such as raw materials, water purification, bioremediation, disturbance alleviation etc.

Scientists at UCD and Queen’s University Belfast examined the effects of loss of species in intertidal ecosystems at ambient and enriched nutrient concentrations to test for effects of loss of species and if such effects varied with environmental context. In addition, the impacts of municipal sewage outfalls on the diversity, functioning and stability of rocky shores was examined, leading to recommendations for improved monitoring for the Water Framework Directive.

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