Ireland in a Warmer World - Scientific Predictions of the Irish Climate in the Twenty-First Century

Final Report for the SEI and ERTDI-funded project: 2001-CD-C4-M2

Summary: STRIVE Report 27 - S. Dunne et al.

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Published: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-84095-307-7

Pages: 119

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The challenge of global climate change, and its potentially devastating consequences, are now widely acknowledged. Climate scientists throughout the world are working to increase our knowledge of climate processes and our ability to anticipate the nature and magnitude of changes resulting from increased concentrations of greenhouse gases. In Ireland, the C4I Project (Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland) has been in operation for five years. 

This report describes Ireland’s changing climate, based on a comprehensive series of computer simulations. The computations were carried out by the C4I team of scientists at Met Éireann and at the UCD Meteorology & Climate Centre.