Joint Programme Initiative: Cultural Heritage and Global Change: A new challenge

EPA leaflet highlighting Irish involvement with European Joint Programming Initative 'Cultural Heritage and Global Change

Summary: EPA leaflet highlighting Irish involvment with European Joint Programming Initative 'Cultural Heritage and Global Change: A new challenge'

Published: 2013

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The protection of Europe’s unique cultural heritage resource in an era of unprecedented global change is an issue of major concern for decision-makers, stakeholders and citizens in Europe. The JPI on Cultural Heritage and Global Change considers the tangible, intangible and digital cultural heritage of Europe in the context of numerous contemporary drivers for change, including – but not limited to – climate change, environmental change, technological change, economic and financial change, social and demographic change, and changing patterns of use.

A co-ordinated approach at European Level is needed in order that effective strategies, methodologies and tools for safeguarding and adapting cultural heritage resources can be developed and put in place, based on excellent research, sound science and a coherent European philosophy. The JPI Cultural Heritage provides such a framework, allowing member states to jointly address areas where public research programmes can respond to some of the major challenges facing cultural heritage in the 21st century.
The JPI Cultural Heritage currently includes some 24 member states and associated countries and has recently launched is first Pilot Call for joint research proposals.

The vision and activites of the JPI Cultural Heritage are implemented by the members of the FP7-funded JHEP Co-ordination Action, which will run for 36 months, from October 2011-October 2014.

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