SmartCoast Project – Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

Final Report for the project: AT-04-01-06

Summary: STRIVE Report 30 - Fiona Regan et al.

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-84095-309-1

Pages: 35

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Marine Institute entered a strategic partnership agreement in July 2005 in the broad areas of Environmental Technologies and Water-Quality Monitoring. The aim was to catalyse an innovative programme of environmental technology research to underpin the development of the Smart Green Economy. The specific aims of the partnership were to:

  • Build national research and innovation capacity in the area of water-quality monitoring, particularly in respect to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.
  • Provide technological support for the sustainable development of aquatic/marine resources.
  • Support the creation of new industrial capabilities in these areas.

The SmartCoast Project, co-funded by the Marine Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Grant Aid Agreement No. AT-04-01-06), aimed to develop novel monitoring technologies that can continuously collect data on water quality in lakes, rivers and estuaries.